International Students Volunteering: Birds and Trash

In Autumn, hundreds of students from all over Europe (and beyond), come to Porto for an exchange experience. However, they’re not the only ones coming to this place. Millions of birds travel thousands of kilometres, from their breeding grounds in northern Europe to their wintering areas in Southern Europe and Africa, in their Autumn migration, and some stop in Porto along the way. And several tons of trash are carried with the ocean currents to our coasts!! As an international student in Porto, join VO.U. pela Natureza and help us clean the world’s oceans, starting by Portugal’s beaches. And come learn about the international birds that visit us in this time of the year and help improve our knowledge on their migration patterns!

What? Birdwatching and beach clean up

When? October 4th 2017, 16:00-19:00

Where? Reserva Natural Local do Estuário do Douro (meeting point here)

How to get there? From Casa da Música metro station, catch the bus 902-Lavadores and get off in the stop Areias Cabedelo (check the timetable here)

To secure your place in this activity, please fill in this form.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our email: pelanatureza@vou.pt

And remember, this activity is NOT exclusive for international students 🙂